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Party FAQs

Thank you so much for your interest in our birthday parties! Please read below for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us at or 504-354-9528.

Are your parties private?

Our Awesome Party package is automatically private. The Excellent and Ultimate Packages may be upgraded to be private for an additional fee.

Can I bring in outside food?

All of our party packages come with pizza for the kids. You are allowed to bring in traditional party platters and finger foods such as finger sandwiches, chicken tender/nuggets, and fruit/veggie trays. We do not allow anything with seafood, rice, pasta, or soup. We do not permit any heating devices (crock pots, chafing dishes). If your party is not private, all food must remain inside of the party room at all times.

Can I bring in outside drinks?

All of our party packages come with one juice box per child. We do not allow any outside drinks, including bottled water, tumblers, and favors, to be brought into our facility. We sell a variety of drinks at our espresso/refreshments bar.

Can I bring ice cream?

Ice cream is not permitted.

How much time am I allowed for set-up?

Your party room will be available for set-up 15-20 minutes before your party begins. Our party host will be available to help set up any decorations that you bring.

Can I bring my own decorations?

You are welcome to bring in your own themed decor. We do not allow glitter, confetti, or bubbles, and we require the use of painter's tape or sticky putty/tacky if you would like to hang anything on our walls. We do not allow guests to install their own hooks or command strips. If your party is not private, all decorations must remain inside of the party room at all times. You can bring in balloon displays or arches but please keep in mind the 15-20 minute set-up time and the permitted adhesives that we allow on our walls.

Who is included in the party count?

We count any child who is crawling through age 10, including the birthday child.

Can I pay for extra children?

The Excellent Party includes a maximum of 10 children and the Ultimate Party includes a maximum of 20 children. If you go over your package maximum, you will automatically be upgraded to the next party level. Private parties may pay for additional children if they reach their package maximum. Private Excellent Parties may add on 2 additional children at $15/each (package max: 12 children total). Private Ultimate Parties may add on 4 additional children at $15/each (package max: 24 children total). The Awesome Party may add up to 6 additional children at $10/each (package max: 36 children total). Adults are welcome at no additional charge as always.

Do you charge for adults?

We do not charge for your adult guests.

Do adults need to wear socks?

We require socks for both kids and adults.

Are outside entertainers allowed?

Outside entertainers are not allowed unless you have booked a private party. All outside entertainers must be approved in advance by NOLA Kidsground management.

Can I stay past my party time to play?

Our parties are hosted on a strict schedule. Please be aware that if you arrive late, you will lose time from your booking. If you and/or your guests would like to stay and play past the end of your allotted party time, Open Play tickets must be purchased separately, pending availability.

Can I add extra time to my party?

Extra time may be added to all three of our party packages for an additional fee but is subject to availability. Please call 504-354-9528 for more details.

Additional note: a deposit is due upon booking. All deposits, as well as any additional payments, are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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