Laissez les play!

Interact, explore, and have fun!

NOLA Kidsground has created spaces with kids of all ages in mind.


Our main play space features a beautiful, sustainable, wood playground structure on which kids can run, slide, climb, and allow their imaginations to soar. (For the safety of our youngest guests, we do not permit anyone over the age of 11 on the play structure.) Our grown ups don’t have to worry because the main play area has a visually open design with a comfortable sitting area that is in full view of the kids playing.

No matter your age, you can "laissez les bon temps roulez" at NOLA Kidsground.

Remember, we are a socks-only facility, so don't forget to bring your socks (required for both kids and kids at heart)!


6 mo - 3 yrs

For our youngest explorers (crawlers and beginning walkers), NOLA Kidsground has a dedicated toddler room featuring soft play toys, building blocks, and a relaxing reading nook.

2yrs - 7 yrs

For those ages 2 - 7, NOLA Kidsground features various activities that encourage pretend play, including costumes, a mini grill and a toy cash register. The play structure features nooks and crannies that kids can explore and creatively transform into their very own imaginative world. The only limit is their imagination. We also have an oversized light bright wall that will captivate kids, while bringing back a little bit of nostalgia for the grown ups.

8yrs +

For those ages 8 and up, we’ve incorporated activities that foster hands-on learning and fun, including various building blocks and our magnetic ball run. ​We also have a light selection of board games that will keep adults and children ages 8 and above entertained while the lil ones play.